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A service committed to you

Kickstart UK is run by Supplytrain CIC – a social enterprise committed to helping businesses more easily employ and train young people.

Our aim is to deliver a hassle-free Kickstart gateway service that helps you to recruit and develop staff, whilst creating lasting opportunities for young people.

Simple to use

We know you’re busy. From the moment you submit your interest in the service we guide you through the application and deal with the Jobcentre on your behalf.

Financial support

We give you up to £1,000 of grant funding for every Kickstart opportunity you provide, plus we provide £500 worth of employability support to help each kickstarter.  


We’re always here if you need advice on setting up a scheme or keeping young people motivated during their placement. 

You are in good company with Kickstart UK

Both business and young people benefit with Kickstart UK 

Placements pledged to date

Six stages of support

Here’s how Kickstart UK’s service works


Submit your interest

Start your application. We’ll be in touch to get more details and give you a call if you have any questions or we need to confirm your opportunities are eligible.  

Apply and prepare

We will then apply for Kickstart funding on your behalf and keep you up-to-date with how things are progressing with the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP).

Select and recruit

We’ll work with Jobcentre Plus to find applicants that meet your criteria, for you to select and recruit. If you need help with payroll or financing wages talk to us. 

Work starts!

Congratulations, your Kickstarter is in post. You’ll pay wages and be reimbursed by the government in arrears. Plus, we’ll give you up to a £1,000 grant for on-costs.

Careers coaching

We’ll stay in regular contact with the young person keeping them motivated through monthly online coaching sessions and outstanding employability support. 

Job or reference

As the placement nears its end, we’ll book in a meeting with you to discuss the progress the Kickstarter has made and what might come next.

We hope you’ll be able to offer a long-term opportunity to the young person, but if you can’t we will ask you to write a reference for them instead. This will give them a better chance of securing a great job elsewhere.

The business case

Just four (of 100s) of great reasons to get involved!

Support for existing staff

Extra pair of hands

Lots of small businesses could do with an extra pair of hands on the shop floor at busy times, but can’t afford the extra wages. Kickstart allows you to bring that added support in without the cost.

Fill more orders

Opportunity to grow

If you are ambitous to grow but uncertain of investing in the current climate, Kicksart gives you the chance to bring young people in to fill more order and reach more customers. 

Support the next generation

Give something back

Lots of business owners were grateful for the chances they got to start their careers. Kickstart allows you to open up doors for young people that might not otherwise get the chance to start out on the right foot. 


A specific project

We’ve all put jobs off at work, like updating the CRM, sorting out the filing system or refreshing the content on the website. Get a Kickstarter involved in these time-bound projects. 

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Kickstart UK is run by Supplytrain CIC – a social enterprise committed to helping small businesses employ and train young people.

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